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I love lard in my coffee

June 11, 2013

I do love lard a whole lot, but I do not drink lard in my coffee. Tall One was sitting on me (or barely beside me) on the couch the other day. In our usual fashion, we were laughing and joking about everything. I had a cup of afternoon caffeine, and she looked in the cup. She loudly said, “What’s that floating in your coffee?” I explained that sometimes when I skim the heavy cream off the 2-gallon buckets of milk, I miss a chunk or two, and it goes into my “light cream” quart jar for coffee. I explained that when I get one of those chunks of heavy cream in hot coffee, it melts and floats like butter. She saw her opportunity to make me laugh. She said in a very serious tone, “You’ve got lard in your coffee.” I almost spewed my coffee everywhere. I managed to get to the sink to spit and laugh. The couch remains clean for at least one more day.

Today I checked off lots of stuff that had been on my list for a long time. (at least a week)

This morning Lola gave 4 gallons. I came in with it and dumped it into my 4-gallon pot. Through the day I finished up the colby-type cheese. It’s the fastest and easiest cheese to make, so I make that one usually. I started a gallon pot of cream cheese. It will be ready to drain tomorrow afternoon. The half-gallon of sour cream will be done in a few days. I managed to empty the back fridge of milk and cream. YAHOO! I gave Mom 2 gallons of milk, and dumped 6 more skimmed gallons on my plants that are in pots on the porch.

Mom and Dad went through all the green beans we picked. They snapped, shelled if necessary, and washed them. She brought them to me this morning. That’s service. 🙂 I’ve got 7 quarts in the canner right now, and 7 more got in when these finish. I have another half gallon left, but I’ll just cook those tomorrow. I’m pleased that there will be 34 quarts of green beans on the shelf for the year. 🙂

The girls and I will shuck the corn that Short One picked. We should probably try to keep a count on how many worms we find. They are not going to be excited about the worms.

I finally got around to cleaning out the kitchen fridge this morning. The chickens were thrilled to have something that wasn’t dairy. They are so full they’re leaving food laying around the yard. I would say I need more chickens, but I don’t need more chickens.

I found 18 eggs today, but don’t get too excited. That was two days worth of eggs. Lola gave 3 3/4 gallons this evening.

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